Travis Tritt. Tony Robbins. Tom Brady. Emmitt Smith. Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippin. John Smoltz. Wayne Gretzky. Dan O’Brien. Joe Montana. Roger Craig. Jerome Bettis. John Stockton. Fred Funk. Denzel Washington. Mel Gibson. Sylvester Stallone. Robin Williams. Christie Brinkley. Carol Alt. Troy Percival. Evander Holyfield. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lee Haney. Clint Eastwood. Jerry Seinfeld. Richard Gere. Tiger Woods. Phil Collins. Muhammad Ali. Bruce Jenner. Suzy Chaffee. Dwight Stone. Edwin Moses. John McEnroe. Brian Lewis. Randy Mary Jo Peppler. Demi Moore. Johnathan Lipnicki. Jane Seymour. Burt Reynolds. Steven Segal. Mark Victor Hansen. Kenny Loggins. Naomi Judd. Dan Marino. Mary Lou Retton. Nolan Ryan. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Carl Lewis. Olga Korbut. David Beckham.

The names on this list are names from the top of the top. They making it happen. They rely every moment on their body’s ability to perform at it’s best. No breaks, no second chances. They must be at peak performance. Why do they all choose chiropractic as part of their quest for wellness? The answer is chiropractic works!

Our nervous system is the highway that allows messages to go from the brain to the body and vice-versa. When the highway (nervous system) is clear, our body is completely free to express itself and can therefore function at or as close to 100% of its capacity as possible. This is true health. If the highway (nervous system) is impeded, interfered with or congested, it makes sense that the messages will be delayed, and our body will function at less than 100% of its capacity. This is actually the beginning of the disease, or “dis-ease” process.

Our office’s 28 years of experience have seen us specialize in the most advanced chiropractic procedures available, all but guaranteeing results. We invite you to discover the power of the chiropractic. Most seek chiropractic care for:

• Pro Adjuster

• Total Body Modification

• Low back decompression

• Neck pain

• Headaches

• Sinus/ allergy issues

• Problems sleeping

• Depression and Mood Swings

• Digestive Issues

• Children and Chiropractic

• Fatigue